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Healthcare Products

Duplex Battery Powered Floor Cleaner

Used For: For hard or soft loor cleaning
Description: Duplex 280 Battery
Compact hard floor and carpet cleaning machine

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Duplex 420 – Floor Steam Cleaner & Sanitiser

Used For: For hard or soft loor cleaning/sanitizing
Description: Duplex 280 Battery
Compact hard floor and carpet cleaning machine
Neat and compact and with a cleaning width of 280 mm, the Duplex 280 cleans, scrubs and picks up dirty water and grime leaving any floor clean and dry in a very short space of time and is ideal for open-hours maintenance cleaning and periodic deep-cleaning.

Quick Facts
• Cleans all floor types
• Quick and easy brush removal
• Cleans right to the edge
• Single handed operation
• Compact for easy access to small areas
• Exceptional manoeuvrability
• Light and easy to operate
• Floors dry in minutes


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The Brand New i-mop Floor Scrubber Dryer

Used For: On all types of hard floor surfaces
Description: Meet the i mop! This machine is going to change the cleaning industry the same way iphone changed mobile phones. The worlds most compact scrubber dryer, The worlds most Manoeuvrable scrubber dryer. This is a Revolutionary Floor Cleaning machine
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The New i-Vac battery Powered Vac

Used For: All floors - no electric power needed
Description: The i-vac 9B is a modern designers machine that gets the job done with a powerful engine, and a longer run time than other machines. As with others in the i-vac range, the i-vac 9B has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power.
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Nilfisc Alto Scrubtec 130 E

Used For:
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Kerstar Small Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Used For: Light industrial use
Description: Fitted with a powerful yet reliable twin fan motor to give years of faithful service
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Used For: Cleaner effective against bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B and HIV), fungi, algae and mildew
Description: Amber liquid with floral citrus fragrance
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Used For: Dilute with water and apply by sprayer
Description: Clear liquid with lemon and floral fragrance
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Odour Neutraliser

Used For: Apply by sprayer or fogger or add to cleaning solution
Description: Turquoise liquid with deodorant fragrance
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Odour Fresh

Used For: Add to any carpet, fabric or general cleaning solution
Description: Clear liquid with floral fragrance
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