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The Brand New i-mop Floor Scrubber Dryer

What makes the i-mop a revolutionary game changer? Currently, the only way to clean a dirty hard surface or floor in tight spaces is with the use of a standard mop and/or flat mop and bucket. This process is tedious, slow, hard work, very labor intensive and always leaves the surface with a layer of dirty residue. The revolutionary i-mop combines tried-and-true technology with state-of-the-art, patented technology to deliver never before capacity. Much like the smart phone, we predict the i-mop will transform the cleaning world at work. The i-mop’s combined technologies and unique design makes the current drudgery of cleaning effortlessly quick and unmatched in sanitation. Unlike current cleaning tools and machines, this breakthrough cleaning system is literally effortless to use. It is extremely lightweight and is able to deliver cleaning solutions through specially designed high performance scrubbing brushes, followed by a powerful vacuum drying system. The i-mop allows the user to clean in and around tight, congested areas such as in bathrooms, around toilet basins, tables and chairs and under desks with unmatched ease of operation.

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