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Odour Neutraliser

Odour Neutraliser Products


Used For: Cleaner effective against bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B and HIV), fungi, algae and mildew
Description: Amber liquid with floral citrus fragrance
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Used For: Dilute with water and apply by sprayer
Description: Clear liquid with lemon and floral fragrance
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Used For: Dilute with water and apply by sprayer before rinsing
Description: Clear liquid with herbal lemon fragrance
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Solvent Base Odour Neutraliser

Used For: Removal of smoke, tobacco, fuel oil and most odours
Description: Solvent soluble deodoriser. Dilute 1:100 to 1:4
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Odour Neutraliser

Used For: Apply by sprayer or fogger or add to cleaning solution
Description: Turquoise liquid with deodorant fragrance
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Urine Neutraliser

Used For: Neutralises odour from urine deposits on contact and prevents staining
Description: Yellow tinted liquid with fresh fragrance
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Odour Fresh

Used For: Add to any carpet, fabric or general cleaning solution
Description: Clear liquid with floral fragrance
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Contract Carpet Deodoriser

Used For: Dilute with water and pre-sprayed onto carpet or added to extraction or shampoo cleaning solutions
Description: Pink liquid with cherry fragrance. Dilution 1 to 50 pH 8.5
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Lemon Refresh

Used For: Add to extraction, shampoo or any general cleaning solution
Description: Clear liquid with fresh lemon fragrance
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