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Leisure Industry

Leisure Industry Products

Duplex Battery Powered Floor Cleaner

Used For: For hard or soft loor cleaning
Description: Duplex 280 Battery
Compact hard floor and carpet cleaning machine

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The new iGum – for instant chewing gum removal

Used For: Gum removal in seconds
Description: Removing gum with ease - battery or gas powered.
6 seconds is all it takes - The i-gum apparatus only needs 6 seconds to eliminate any unwanted sticky materials (chewing gum/stickers/lining glue). Increase your efficiency and start cutting down on waiting hours.

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The Brand New i-mop Floor Scrubber Dryer

Used For: On all types of hard floor surfaces
Description: Meet the i mop! This machine is going to change the cleaning industry the same way iphone changed mobile phones. The worlds most compact scrubber dryer, The worlds most Manoeuvrable scrubber dryer. This is a Revolutionary Floor Cleaning machine
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The New i-suit For Window Cleaning

Used For:
Description: The i-Suit brought to you as part of the i-range allows users to wash windows without the struggle. The design allows the operative to wear an extremely comfortable light-weight backpack that has three different pulley systems for different poles.
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The New i-Vac battery Powered Vac

Used For: All floors - no electric power needed
Description: The i-vac 9B is a modern designers machine that gets the job done with a powerful engine, and a longer run time than other machines. As with others in the i-vac range, the i-vac 9B has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power.
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Tomcat XR

Used For: Heavy duty scrubbing of large surface areas
Description: A heavy duty, reliable and strongly built battery powered scrubber dryer.
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The Viper Range of scrubber dryers

Used For:
Description: Take your pick from any of these excellent value for money scrubbers
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SmartSweep Sweeper

Used For:
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Tomcat EDGE

Used For: Various types of floor surfaces
Description: The unique oscillating brush system available on TomCat EDGE scrubbers
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Used For:
Description: The Edge E/70 - a versatile and highly effective battery powered ride-on sweeper
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