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Rotary Cultivators

1.05 m, 1.25m or 1.4m

Can be offset for full field rotovation or centred between tractor wheels for row cultivation.



Two Furrow Plough

Single furrow plough Two furrow plough Reversible single furrow plough

General purpose simple 3PL plough complete with adjustable blade & depth wheel.



Spring Tine Cultivator

Spring tines have reversible points for maximum penetration and long life.

The tines are held onto the toolbar by a clasp and bolt, this enables the tines to be easily moved for use with inter-row cultivation for example.



Subsoiler / Mole Drainer

Ideal for soil drainage.

Capable of working at up to 300 mm deep.

The turf is first cut by the front mounted disc to avoid damaging the top surface, then follows the leg that cuts a slit 6mm wide and leaves a 38 mm hole.

The final operation is performed by the rear mounted press roller with its spring loaded action leaving the top surface with a minimum disturbance.


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