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Fume Extraction at Mersey Travel

Mersey Travel Contacted MWS  because they required  more powerful and effective weld fume extraction in their workshops near the Mersey Tunnels.  The new equipment also had to be suitable  to safely handle  any plasma cutting in this area. Our Partners at Nederman installed  2 extraction points.

Point1 being a 3 metre long NEX HD 200 mm diameter fume arm mounted on a standard wall bracket and complete with hood.  Point 2 being a 160 mm diameter drop point fixed to the wall near the entrance to the welding bay and terminating with a shut off valve and quick release QF coupling.  Suitably sized galvanized steel ductwork connects the extract points to a new high level Nederman NCF30/15 extract fan with 2.2Kw 3 phase motor.  The fan outlet has been ducted to atmosphere via the existing outlet penetration and terminate at high level with a high velocity cowl.

The following items has been supplied with the system:

1 x 5M x 160mm flexible duct with fabricated nozzle with magnet to one end and  quick release QF coupling to the other.

1 x fan inverter drive unit with pressure sensor has been supplied as loose gear for others to fit.

The extract points are fitted with a manually operated dampers which when opened/closed will alter the pressure within the system.  The inverter senses that a damper is opened or closed and will alter the speed of the extraction fan to ensure sufficient extraction thus reducing energy consumption and noise.

Upon completion of the works our commissioning engineer  attended site to certificate the systems in line with current COSHH regulations.

For more information, please contact MWS (Ruthin) Ltd on 01824 705055 or sales@mwsgroup.co.uk



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